What I Learned On My Summer Vacation

I think I turned a weird age/life corner this year. It’s that corner around which you suddenly say things like, “I’ve never needed a vacation so badly,” or, “This vacation could not come soon enough!” But seriously, though.

Every year my extended family reunites for a week in early August on Cape Cod. It’s my happy place, and it would not feel like summer to me without it. But this year, since I was thinking and saying things like, “I’ve never needed a vacation so badly,” I knew I needed more than just to dip my toes in the Atlantic. So I unplugged. Almost entirely. And it was so wonderful. 

Whereas you know I’m usually one to snap photos of what I see and eat wherever I go, I left my phone behind and off most of the time. Here and there I took it out when I couldn’t resist, but overall, I checked no email, scanned no Facebook or Instagram, and instead rode a bike around town, slept on the beach, and savored the rest and recuperation a week out of our normal life provides. And now that’s how I’m going to try to vacation forever, because I can’t remember feeling so refreshed, as I do right now.

Here are a few shots I could not resist taking… how do you handle technology on your vacations?

Weekend Treats: Vacation Edition

I meant to post an out-of-office message on here before we left for vacation, but I completely flaked. So in explanation for my unannounced hiatus, I offer this sampling of “treats” from our week-and-a-half away, spent driving to, enjoying, and then driving home to Chicago from Cape Cod, Massachusetts for my family’s annual week-long vacation together. We are sun-soaked and refreshed, and somehow also tired… all good things. If you follow me on social media, you may have already seen a few of these. Apologies. Back to normal programming tomorrow…

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