Note My Recipe: One-Pan Cashew Chicken and Veggies

Tonight’s Not My Recipe is The Salty Marshmallow‘s easy cashew chicken. I stumbled on this recipe somehow and I love it! It ticks all the boxes: easy? yep. quick? less than 30 minutes. crazy delicious? Wait until you taste the sauce! And double bonus: one-pan magic AND healthier than the original without sacrificing any flavor (see ‘crazy delicious’ above). I did make one deviation from the original recipe in my version–I didn’t realize I was out of sesame oil before I started cooking, so I left it out and then sprinkled toasted sesame seeds as a garnish for serving. Mmmmmm…

This is not my recipe, but I sure do wish it was, and I sure will be making this again and again!

Not My Recipe: Will Cook for Smiles’ Avocado Salmon Rice Bowls

Tonight’s Not My Recipe recipe is from a blog I stumbled on when randomly searching for salmon recipe ideas. Will Cook for Smiles’ Avocado Salmon Rice Bowls was the answer. I basically won’t ever search for new salmon recipes again because this is DELECTABLE PERFECTION. And not only is the salmon itself divine, but the other two components–the rice and the avocado salad topping–stand on their own in deliciousness.

This is not my recipe, but man do I wish it were.

Not My Recipe: Perfect Oven Baked Cod over Lemon Caper Spinach (a two-Recipe combo!)

I didn’t grow up eating a lot of fish, so for a long time I was really intimidated about cooking it. But it’s so easy! And quick! It’s weeknight gold! Cod was on sale at WF this week, so I wanted to try something new with it. Being a New England girl, I generally enjoy my cod deep fried in a beer batter and served alongside a pile of equally deep fried beer battered onion rings. But this is not vacation, unfortunately. And also, I don’t own a deep fryer. So I started poking around cookbooks and food blogs and found two that I wanted to try.

So tonight’s Not My Recipe is a combo. The fish recipe belongs to Genius Kitchen and the spinach cake from this recipe on Kit’s Coastal.

The fish came out *perfectly* — flakey and velvety. The fresh garlic/lemon/parsley dice to dress up the breadcrumbs (I subbed Panko) is such a powerful flavor pop. It’s classic for a reason. And the spinach was perfect, too. Nothing earth shatteringly new, but just classic and balanced and delicious. These are not my recipes, but I sure wish they were!

Not My Recipe: Sweet Phi’s Easy Weeknight Sweet Potato Burgers for Meatless Monday

Tonight’s Not My Recipe Post is Meatless Monday and really any weeknight perfection. These Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burgers are courtesy of one of my favorite food bloggers, Sweet Phi, who has nailed accessible, lovely, completely delicious meals.

These burgers are a perfect example of this. Simple, clean, colorful, healthy, easy to make, packed with flavor, and quick! Tell me something else you need from a recipe?? You can’t. That’s it.

The sriracha mayo is the perfect schmear to tie the whole sandwich together, but regular mayo makes it kid-friendly (or just less spicy) and still delicious.