What I Learned On My Summer Vacation

I think I turned a weird age/life corner this year. It’s that corner around which you suddenly say things like, “I’ve never needed a vacation so badly,” or, “This vacation could not come soon enough!” But seriously, though.

Every year my extended family reunites for a week in early August on Cape Cod. It’s my happy place, and it would not feel like summer to me without it. But this year, since I was thinking and saying things like, “I’ve never needed a vacation so badly,” I knew I needed more than just to dip my toes in the Atlantic. So I unplugged. Almost entirely. And it was so wonderful. 

Whereas you know I’m usually one to snap photos of what I see and eat wherever I go, I left my phone behind and off most of the time. Here and there I took it out when I couldn’t resist, but overall, I checked no email, scanned no Facebook or Instagram, and instead rode a bike around town, slept on the beach, and savored the rest and recuperation a week out of our normal life provides. And now that’s how I’m going to try to vacation forever, because I can’t remember feeling so refreshed, as I do right now.

Here are a few shots I could not resist taking… how do you handle technology on your vacations?

Food for Thought: Birthdays!

Today was my birthday, and in an odd twist of fate, I had a random day off thanks to a company-only holiday, so instead of cooking a favorite meal, I decided to treat myself to a bunch of stuff I love, including driving up to one of our old ‘hoods to pick up a favorite meal we haven’t had in a while. But as I treated myself with edible/drinkable goodies all day (okay, fine, all weekend), it occurred to me how much food is a part of celebrating. My go-to birthday foods and sweets have changed a little over the years, but so have I, so I guess that makes sense. Anyway… so I wondered. What are your birthday food MUSTS? A favorite homemade dinner? A special restaurant? A cocktail toast? Ice cream cake? Here’s a sampling of how I food/drink celebrated my birthday the past few days. Now tell me how you do yours.

Returning to Blogging…

And Now Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming…img_2663

Before I get to the recipes, I just wanted to say thank you for your patience with me, and for sticking around! I’m back, and planning to post regularly again moving forward. While I figure out some new approaches, and hopefully some new designs and formats, I’m also going to mix up my original posting schedule a bit. Starting now, my posts will follow (approximately) this schedule:


Monday: Meatless Monday – recipes for complete vegetarian meals
(Mondays are for resetting!)
Tuesday-Thursday, most Fridays: recipes weeknight meals; quick and easy to make, even after a long day of work/school/life, but still healthy and full of flavor
First Friday: Recent Treats – replacing my Weekend Treats posts from the past, these will
recap some dining out/general life enjoyment highlights
Features: Occasionally I’ll mix it up by inviting a friend to share a recipe, or posting a recipe made by or with heavy assistance from My Tiny Sous Chef

As I figure out my new rhythm, bear with me, and please don’t hesitate to comment with questions, requests, suggestions, and your own interpretations and photos of these recipes! I love to hear from you!