Not My Recipe: Perfect Oven Baked Cod over Lemon Caper Spinach (a two-Recipe combo!)

I didn’t grow up eating a lot of fish, so for a long time I was really intimidated about cooking it. But it’s so easy! And quick! It’s weeknight gold! Cod was on sale at WF this week, so I wanted to try something new with it. Being a New England girl, I generally enjoy my cod deep fried in a beer batter and served alongside a pile of equally deep fried beer battered onion rings. But this is not vacation, unfortunately. And also, I don’t own a deep fryer. So I started poking around cookbooks and food blogs and found two that I wanted to try.

So tonight’s Not My Recipe is a combo. The fish recipe belongs to Genius Kitchen and the spinach cake from this recipe on Kit’s Coastal.

The fish came out *perfectly* — flakey and velvety. The fresh garlic/lemon/parsley dice to dress up the breadcrumbs (I subbed Panko) is such a powerful flavor pop. It’s classic for a reason. And the spinach was perfect, too. Nothing earth shatteringly new, but just classic and balanced and delicious. These are not my recipes, but I sure wish they were!

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