Frozen Grapes


I’m writing a “recipe” post for frozen grapes. ONE INGREDIENT, PEOPLE! ONE!

I completely realize that this is a strange post, even for me, but honestly, this is literally the easiest and most refreshing snack you’ll ever try. And you barely have to do anything! I’m not saying this is going to substitute ice cream on the drippiest of humid summer days, but seriously, trust me on this one. You want these. FWIW (“for what it’s worth” for those of you not as hip as I am – HA!), these are a great snack and ALSO a great cooler for your wine without adding regular old ice cubes and watering it down. Are you feeling me now?? Here you go.

* seedless grapes – any color/variety, just seedless

Wash your grapes thoroughly. Pull all the stems off completely, then place all of the grapes into a container you can tightly seal. Freeze. Grapes are little so it won’t take too long – a couple hours at most. Pop those lovelies when you’re craving something cold and sweet late at night and thank me because your bathing suit and/or comfy mumu (or whatever) still fits! Trust me. You’re going to want to keep a container full of these on-hand all summer fo’ sho’!


6 thoughts on “Frozen Grapes

  1. I had another friend raving about these lately and I need to give them a try. I am a sucker for ice cream and have been giving into too many cravings lately. I was worried it would be so cold that it would hurt my teeth? But do they not freeze that solid?


  2. You got me on the wine! What a great idea. Just added to the grocery list. There’s nothing worse than a tepid glass of white or rosé. Thanks for the post!


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