5-Ingredient Tropical Teriyaki Salmon

Full disclosure: I know how lame this sounds.

Last week my cousin Instagrammed a photo of a gorgeous piece of salmon he made for dinner and I essentially demanded the recipe, which he sent immediately. This is it – super crazy easy and fast and delicious. Check! Check! Check! Of course, I a) forgot one ingredient, and b) mixed it up a bit, so tonight I’m posting my variation. For the record, this post is no way, shape, or form sponsored (though I’m open and available for sponsorship!), and the product recommendations are my own and I’m getting literally zero except for my totally satisfied gut for writing this post. Now. With that out of the way, and a shout out to my cuz, Gary, here you go.tersalm2

the following ingredient listing is per serving
* 6-8oz fresh salmon fillet
* 1/4t salt
* 1/4t black pepper
* 3T Island Teriyaki marinade and sauce by Soy Vay – you can use any teriyaki sauce you like or have on hand, of course, but I decided to use this one (that I had already) and it was out of this world, so I’m being specific in my recipe
*1 green onion, sliced thinly

Preheat the oven to 350F.

Cover a baking sheet in tin foil and place your fillets skin-side down. Sprinkle each fillet with salt and pepper, then cover with the teriyaki sauce.


Cook 15 minutes at 350, then turn the oven off and leave it in for 2 minutes. THAT. IS. IT. Deliciousness awaits you, my friends.

Sprinkle each fillet with chopped green onions before serving and enjoy!


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