Combining Recipes: Grilled Garlic Lemon Chicken Pitas w/Sweet Potato Cashew Cream Sauce

When the temps hit mid-to-upper 60s in February in Chicago, you make sure your grill is gassed up and ready to go! Get outside, man!

Tonight’s dinner wasn’t a new one, but I did combine a few recipes into one meal. I knew I wanted to take advantage of this likely-too-brief grillin’ weather, so I planned to make these ridiculously easy and ridiculously yumm-a-licious grilled garlic lemon chicken skewers. I decided to serve them with warm pita wraps and a salad of arugula, spinach, and sliced Roma tomatoes, tossed in olive oil and fresh squeezed lemon juice. Which would have been perfectly delightful all on its own.

But then last night’s dinner left us with a decent amount of leftover sweet potato cashew cream sauce (which packs a powerful garlicky punch!) and I could not let it go to waste. And that’s where the magic happened.

I warmed the pitas up, then spread a scoop of the cream sauce down the middle, added a pile of the arugula/spinach salad, and a couple slices of tomato, and finally topped it with a few pieces of delicious grilled chicken. Wrapped that baby up, and yeah, buddy!

If you read back in that grilled chicken recipe post, that marinade is CRAZY good. It can hold its own. But this sweet potato cashew cream sauce is unreal. I could eat it with a spoon. Put those two together and YOWZA.

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