Cheese Flautas

It doesn’t happen that often – and mostly because the kitchen is my happy/decompress-flautas2after-the-day place – but tonight someone else made dinner. Actually, my husband used to be the dinner-maker in our house, but several apartments ago he became so frustrated by the tiny-ness of our kitchen that he “quit.” So I took over. And the rest, as they say… you get it. Well, every once in a while, he feels the itch, or he gets an idea he can’t shake without cooking, or I just don’t feel up to it, and usually the result is magic. The man can cook. He’s made these flautas before — and they’re so easy and fast and GOOD. Balance out the fry-ness of them by serving over a big ol’ salad, or don’t care because, fried. NOM. You can also add anything you like to the filling – shredded chicken or beef, potatoes, spinach, squash – go crazy! Here you go.

* corn tortillas
* shredded cheese (almost any good, melting cheese will work, and so will a combo – Chihuaha, Oaxacan, pepper jack, mozzarella… etc.)
* vegetable oil for frying

Pour about 1/2 an inch’s depth of oil into a high-sided pot and heat over medium-high heat until glistening.flautas1

While it’s warming up, lay out a tortilla and place 1-2 tablespoons of shredded cheese in a row on top of it. Roll the tortilla around the cheese carefully, turning it into a little tube — or “flute.”

Using tongs to keep the flauta rolled up, place it seam side down into the oil. Make the rest and do the same. Flip them after about a minute. Fry just a few minutes total, until they get crispy and begin to brown and the cheese melts.

Remove the flautas from the oil and place them on a paper towel to absorb the excess oil, then serve and try to exhibit self-control. I dare you!


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