Food for Thought: When it All Falls Apart

What’s your go-to, easy, throw-together quick dinner? You know what I’m talking about. When plans fall apart. You can’t leave work on time; the grocery store is out of the one ingredient you need but didn’t pick up ahead of time; someone gets sick; you burn it; it doesn’t work out for whatever hundred possible reasons… what do you do? Do you order in? Go out? Do you go all Chopped-style and make it work with the five random ingredients you do have? What’s your go to when it all falls apart?

Maybe you see where I’m going with this… because this is what happened tonight. I had planned to pick up a few things on the way to the train after work, but I left work late (it’s been a week… it’s been a… first month of the year, amiright?) and I knew I didn’t have time to stop – I was in the thick of rush hour and I was already going to be standing smashed into someone’s giant backpack and under someone else’s armpit. I just had to hold my breath and get home. Aaaaaanyway, long story short, clearly tonight was going to have to be a make-it-work moment. So I made peace with bumping my planned meal to next week and thought about my go-to on such occasions.

Mine’s an omelet sandwich. Quick, filling, hearty, healthy, and so so good. A little schmear of mayo, a little schmear of fresh avocado, and an omelet filled with whatever’s available (even if sometimes that’s just cheese and seasonings). So please tell me – what’s your go-to when all plans fall through?


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