Food for Thought: One-Pot Meals

Tonight’s dinner was another one-pot favorite, but it’s a repeat recipe, so I don’t have a recipe post for you. It’s a good one, though, and a perfect weeknight fix that checks the essential boxes:

checked-checkbox-52 hearty and filling
checked-checkbox-52 simple, accessible ingredients
checked-checkbox-52 fresh and healthy
checked-checkbox-52 easy to prep and kid-friendly
checked-checkbox-52 ready and on the table in under 30 minutes

Turkey and Sweet Potato Skillet: Here you go.

I’ve done three beautiful and delicious one-pot meals this week, and I have another lined up for tomorrow. On a busy weeknight, they’re the best. They’re convenient and efficient both for food prep and clean-up. You can make a complete, savory, and balanced meal for your family in one pot. What could be better, really? Don’t underestimate how much flavor and variety you can cook up in one single pot.

Anyway… this post is a poll. I love one-pot meals, and I’m betting many of you do, too. Got any favorites? Or any ingredients you’d like to use in a one-pot recipe? Or any questions about one-pot recipes you’ve seen? Let’s discuss. Get this conversation going in the comments, would ya? C’mon!


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