Thanksgiving Leftover Quesadillas

Are you just about finished with your Thanksgiving leftovers? Us too. But we still have a few things left that have to get used. Are you tired of your leftovers yet? Maybe a little? That’s why you have to do a full transformation to use them up. At least I do. Otherwise I’ll disappoint my Mama with the food I waste because I can’t eat the same thing every day for a week just to use it up! Can you?

I knew tonight was going to be a busy one when I was menu-planning for the week, and that we’d still have leftover Turkey Day goods, so this idea basically came up with itself. Fast? Check. Easy? Check. Kid-friendly? Check. Healthy? Check. Breathes new life into the same old leftovers? Check. Boom. Boom. Boom. Here you go.thanksgivingquesadillas1

* whole wheat flour tortillas
* sliced cheese (I liked the idea of Swiss or Provolone with the Thanksgiving flavors)
* leftover roast turkey
* leftover veggies (we used the rest of these sweet potatoes and my mother in-law’s spinach and mushroom casserole)

Shred the leftover turkey and warm up any veggies (quick microwave warm-up or in a pan on the stove — whatever is easiest).

Place one tortilla in a large pan over medium heat and let it start to warm up. Place a layer of your preferred cheese on the tortilla and let it just start to melt before adding layers of veggies, and then a layer of shredded turkey, another layer of cheese, and another tortilla. Pat your quesadilla down a bit so that it all melts together, then let it cook for a minute or so. Flip it over and do the same on the other side (pat it down, cook for another minute or two). Aaaaaaaand… DONE.thanksgivingquesadillas2

I mean, I’m sure I didn’t *actually* have to tell you how to make a quesadilla. But that’s not the point here! The point was to reenvision your leftovers, people. To think outside the roasting pan box so that your leftovers feel new again! Like putting Thanksgiving dinner between tortillas!thanksgivingquesadillas3

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