Returning to Blogging…

And Now Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming…img_2663

Before I get to the recipes, I just wanted to say thank you for your patience with me, and for sticking around! I’m back, and planning to post regularly again moving forward. While I figure out some new approaches, and hopefully some new designs and formats, I’m also going to mix up my original posting schedule a bit. Starting now, my posts will follow (approximately) this schedule:


Monday: Meatless Monday – recipes for complete vegetarian meals
(Mondays are for resetting!)
Tuesday-Thursday, most Fridays: recipes weeknight meals; quick and easy to make, even after a long day of work/school/life, but still healthy and full of flavor
First Friday: Recent Treats – replacing my Weekend Treats posts from the past, these will
recap some dining out/general life enjoyment highlights
Features: Occasionally I’ll mix it up by inviting a friend to share a recipe, or posting a recipe made by or with heavy assistance from My Tiny Sous Chef

As I figure out my new rhythm, bear with me, and please don’t hesitate to comment with questions, requests, suggestions, and your own interpretations and photos of these recipes! I love to hear from you!

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