Summer Night Dinner: Charcuterie Table

This is neither a Weekend Treats nor a recipe post. This is a getting-back-in-the-posting-groove, I-have-to-share-this-dinner-I-totally-nailed post. Summer weather has finally arrived with gusto to Chicago. And for an easy, light, perfect summer dinner on a weeknight, this totally hits the spot. No real recipe here — just choose the elements you like the most, and chop/scoop/spoon/portion them onto a plate. As my sweet little sous chef likes to say, “it’s presentation!” Tonight’s components were:

  • grape tomatoes marinated in a little balsamic vinegar
  • 3 hard boiled eggs, sliced, sprinkled with fresh ground pepperIMG_0807
  • N’s pecan pesto (recipe for this amazing pesto made by my sidekick coming soon!)
  • 1/2 a ripe avocado, cut into chunks
  • 1/2C almonds
  • 1 Persian cucumber, halved and sliced
  • extra sharp New Zealand cheddar cheese, cubed
  • garlic-stuffed jumbo olives
  • pimento stuffed (regular sized) olives
  • two types of salami from our Farmer’s Market bounty yesterday: goat and a German kind the specific name of which I can’t remember
  • fresh dill goat cheese (also from our Farmer’s Market bounty)
  • sliced fresh Baguette (also from our Farmer’s Market bounty)

Everything about this was perfection. In keeping with our Meatless Mondays, I ate everything but the salami tonight, but to satisfy my MM-resistant husband, I added the salami in, because, salami. So many ways to combine these ingredients. It’s light, it’s filling, it’s beautiful. It’s totally kid-friendly. And you can change out 100% of these ingredients for your preferences. It’s simple, fast, fresh, and delicious.

We might eat some variation of this plate every night this summer. More posts coming this week!


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