Honey and Balsamic Onion Chicken

Do you own a meat hammer? I rarely need to use mine but I did tonight, and it’s FUN.

I hope you aren’t tired of this statement, but guys, this one is fast, easy, and so delicious, too. I swear it’s not just a canned blog line! It’s true. That’s what weeknight dinners have to be about for me and my house. It has to be totally tasty. It has to be efficient and uncomplicated. And it has to be on the fast side of quick. Our evening hours are tight and short, and it’s most important to me to spend quality time laughing with and enjoying my family, and feeding us good, quality meals, than it is to slave around in the kitchen trying to make the perfect impressive dinner. Sometimes I get lucky and fast and easy works out to also be just lovely. Tonight was close. This is a good one to add to the rotation. I pinned it recently because it looked like it might hit all my essential marks. My modifications are minor. You’ll like it, I know you will. Here you go.

* olive oil
* 1 large sweet onion
* 3T balsamic vinegar, divided
* ~1lb chicken breasts
* garlic salt
* pepper
* 1/4C low sodium chicken broth
* 1.5T honey

Peel, halve, and then slice your onion.

Heat about one tablespoon of olive oil in a large high-sided skillet over medium-low heat. Add your onion slices and saute for about 15-20 minutes, until the onions are softened and beginning to brown and carmelize, stirring frequently.

While those onions are carmelizing, prepare your chicken breasts. Hammer those babies down so that each breast is evenly thick, maybe around 1/3-1/2 and inch. Then cut each breast in half. My system for hammering meat might not be officially technically correct, but it makes sense to me and it’s efficient, and as I said before, it’s fun. Wrap each breast in plastic wrap and place it on a covered surface. I use a cutting mat. I like to keep my surface covered just in case the raw meat escapes the plastic wrap – don’t want it contaminating my counters unnecessarily, right? Anyway, get it wrapped, put it on the cutting mat, and hammer away, moving from one end of the piece of meat to the other and back, to ensure even flattening.


Back to the skillet. Once your onions have begun to brown and are carmelizing nicely (ooh, the delicious fragrance that will be coming off your pan!), add a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar and stir the onions to completely coat with the balsamic, then move the onions to the outer edge of the skillet, almost making a nest of them around the pan.

Add another tablespoon to the middle of the pan. Season each piece of chicken on both sides with garlic salt and pepper, then add the chicken right into the center of the skillet.

Saute about 4 or 5 minutes per side, until cooked through. Then remove the chicken from the pan and set aside.

Turn the heat down to low, and add 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar, the chicken broth, and the honey to the onions. (Here’s another quick tip: put just a bit of olive oil on the teaspoon before you measure out your honey. The honey will slide right off into the pan!) Simmer for just a couple minutes until the sauce thickens up.

However you serve it, pour the sauce generously over the chicken – make sure you get lots of those yummy onions. Man, this sauce is it. It’s sweet and thick and tangy and balanced. It’s it.

I served mine over quick polenta with a side of garlic-sauteed spinach. The original recipe was served over egg noodles – also yum! What will you do?

(Here’s that original recipe again. Find it and more delicious meaty ideas on my Pinterest board, Yummmmm: Fish + Meats + Meals.)

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