Weekend Treats

This weekend’s treats were amplified by time with great friends we see far too infrequently. Miss you guys already, so very much. Here’s to great friendship and more great times…

WT_7.27.15.1 WT_7.27.15.2 WT_7.27.15.3 WT_7.27.15.4 WT_7.27.15.5 WT_7.27.15.6 WT_7.27.15.7 WT_7.27.15.8 WT_7.27.15.9 WT_7.27.15.10 WT_7.27.15.11 WT_7.27.15.12 WT_7.27.15.13 WT_7.27.15.14 WT_7.27.15.15
(Locations: our kitchen; Revolution Brew Pub; Wicker Park Fest; Hai Yen; Lickity Split)

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