A Simple Summer Charcuterie Dinner

In keeping with the little-to-no-cooking theme from last week, tonight’s dinner was as easy and fresh and refreshing as they come. A simple charcuterie dinner for three, served simply from a large shared plate on our porch this evening. No recipe here – you just slice and chop and pile up all the goodies to your own preference. Add slices of nice, crusty bread, and a side of fresh fruit, and a dinner that satisfies every age and palate is served.

Our dinner included:
* sliced cucumber
* chopped avocado
* sliced radish
* grape tomatoes
* thin-sliced prosciutto
* sliced herbed salami
* chunked sharp cheddar cheese
* chunked mild fontina cheese
* a bowl of fresh grapes and sliced apples
* sliced fresh bread


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