Pan-Cooked BBQ Turkey Burgers

It’s burger season. Deal with it. No but seriously, does anyone want to cook anything besides burgers in the summer?? My creativity is seasonally tapped.

I actually didn’t set out to make a burger dinner last night, but I didn’t have a plan when I ran into the store after another ridiculously long and draining workday looking for something quick and uncomplicated, and then I saw this:

This is new to TJ’s right? I mean, how could I have missed this?? In approximately half a second, a burger plan came together. Here you go.

(for four burgers)
* 1lb ground turkey
* 1/2 an egg, lightly beaten
* 1T BBQ sauce (we *only* use Sweet Baby Rays)
* 1-2T dry BBQ rub/seasoning (make your own, use your go-to, or just go get this one!)
* 1t garlic powder
* 1t onion powder
* butter, just a pat or so

In a medium bowl, mix together the turkey, egg, BBQ sauce, BBQ seasoning, garlic powder, and onion powder. Hint: if your meat mixture feels a bit loose for your liking, add just a small amount of bread crumbs (seriously, just a tiny bit at a time) and mix through until you’re happy with the texture.

Refrigerate about 10 minutes, then form into four equal-sized patties by gathering the meat into a ball, dividing in half by hand, then dividing each half in half.

Heat just enough butter to cover the bottom of a medium-sized pan over medium heat. I like to use butter to add a subtle richness and crust to the outside of the burgers as they cook. But if you prefer not to use butter, I’ll pretend I understand, and tell you to go ahead and use oil or cooking spray. But seriously, it’s not enough butter to matter at all, and also, it’s BUTTER. Come on, you know it’s going to be better.

Cook all four burgers at the same time, about 8-10 minutes/side, until done. If you want to top with cheese, add slices with about 2 minutes left on the cooking. There you go. Smokey, richly-deep BBQ flavor in less than 30 minutes? Can’t beat it.

Works with cheese and on a bun…

… or without cheese and in a lettuce wrap!

Will equally please a young and picky eater and a turkey-hating, meat-loving adult. #summertime

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