Easiest.Dinner.Ever — Semi-homemade BBQ Chicken Personal Naan Pizzas

bbqnaan9When I Instagrammed this photo recently, I described this as basically the most semi-homemade meal you could ever make. But I don’t care and I don’t apologize. This wins in every category: Super easy? check. (So easy, in fact, that a toddler can make it!) Super fast? check. Kid-friendly? check. Yummy and approved by all?? CHECK. So there you have it. A magic-making formula.

No blog or Pinterest link here… I put this one together all by my very own self a while ago when I was having a massive craving, and it stuck. Now it’s a fixture at our table. And who doesn’t like an easy dinner on a Friday? So here you go: BBQ Chicken Personal Pizzas on Naan.

* a base (I use individual naans from Trader Joe’s for this one, but you could really make these on anything (obviously)… pita, English muffins, *actual* pizza dough, etc.)
* BBQ sauce of your choice
* chicken
* any other toppings of your choice (I usually add chopped red onion and chopped yellow pepper)
* shredded cheese of your choice (I like a good, sharp cheddar)

Preheat the oven to about 300Fbbqnaan3.
Lay your base out on a baking sheet, then squeeze BBQ sauce right on top. Set aside.
Next, prep your toppings. If I’m making this for dinner, I am not just making it for the Yum and Comfort factors – it’s for the Easy factor. So I generally use precooked grilled or roasted chicken breast, and then just cube it up real quick. I know I’ve now posted two recipes in a row using this short-cut. I swear I know how to, and frequently do in fact, cook chicken.

So chop up your chicken, your onion, your peppers, or whatever you chose. Then all that’s left is assembly, which is where my tiny helper steps in, and baking.

bbqnaan5                    bbqnaan7

Sprinkle chicken generously over BBQ sauce, followed by the other toppings, and finally, top with shredded cheese. Pop it in the oven for about 10 minutes, and serve hot.


I fully recognize that this is not a recipe at all, and that everyone knows the general idea behind how to make pizza. What’s great about this dinner is how easy and yummy and fast it is. But what’s even better than that is that I can get my daughter in the kitchen with me to help make it. Yes, the kitchen has become my sanctuary and my therapy even, but I also love sharing it with the people I love. And I desperately hope that as she grows, I’ll succeed to pass onto this little goofball the love of good food and of making it yourself. I know that’s where I got it (thanks, Momma!).

As you saw at the top of this post, I served our Naan-zas with a delicious, healthy salad of butter lettuce, yellow cherry tomatoes, Persian cucumbers, avocado, dried cranberries, and sunflower seeds, as well as quick-steamed corn on the cob. Voila! Now go enjoy.

Happy weekend!

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