What is this? And what can I do for you?

Feeling the need to get this thing up and running (the proverbial fire-under-the-you-know-what = very necessary for me), I clicked Publish on that first post. But I didn’t really explain myself. Or what I’m doing here. So here goes.

This blog will mostly feature recipes and meals I’ve cooked. But as I tried to get at in that first post (did you pick up on it?), I have a very full-time life, which means it’s not all about the food (it’s all about the bass, duh). So there will also be stuff here and there from other aspects of my life, and my interests, and my *very* limited pastimes.

I’d also like to help you. I guess the very existence of this blog (and the encouragement of loads of incredible people in my life) tells you that I love to cook and to play in the kitchen. So if there’s a recipe or a style of cooking or an idea you’re curious about and I’m not featuring, just send me a note or a comment and I’ll give it a shot.

And by the way, I pin like a madwoman on Pinterest, and just added a new board to which I’ll pin stuff from this blog. I also Instagram the crap out of my food (and other goodies, like our amazing dog–yeah, I’m THAT girl!). Click on the links at the top of the blog to check me out over there-a-ways.

I’ve got a few posts lined up for the rest of this week, but please stick with me as I figure out the format this blog will take, and also how to work my way around WordPress, which I’ve never used before. Like almost everything else in my life, I’m just sorting this out as I go along…

Thank you! XO

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