My Full-Time Life

(Full disclosure… I have been laboring and stressing over this first post for quite a while. And so because I just need to pull the trigger already, this is also the content on my About page. Just didn’t want you to expect something unique if you popped over there!)

I am a full-time everything: worker, wife, mother, person. I also believe that food–good food, even–and caring for, and spending quality time with, and feeding my family well, regularly, do not have to be sacrificed because of the fact that I have on my plate a pretty full-time life.

I believe there is a way to balance these priorities with real life and still be able to be creative and conscious in the kitchen.

That’s not to say that life isn’t completely chaotic or upside-down sometimes (usually?). Or that I even cook every night (I definitely do not).
But in the midst of this craziness, my kitchen has become my escape, and cooking has grown into a passion with a steep, but extremely fun, learning curve.

With a background in writing and editing, a borderline obsessive attachment to social media, and a natural propensity to self-deprecate, this blog emerged out of that growing passion and a need for some sort of creative outlet that was

A full-time life is a juggling act and I’m the Head Clown of this circus.

**blog name credit to my good friend EH. thanks, love.

12 thoughts on “My Full-Time Life

  1. I love it! Great job Maayan. I’ll keep reading & if you need a food tester for things to make s toddler, I’m your girl! If you recall I eat like a kid.

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  2. maayan – so nice to be able to re-connect with you this way! i can hear your voice in your writing and it makes me smile. woo!


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